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What is Validex?
How do I use Validex?

What is Validex?

Validex is an online validation engine that validates multiple different types of electronic documents. Its focus is on ease of use and simplicity in the indication of error messages.

Validex is accessible both through this web interface and a JSON REST API and is made to be as flexible as possible, in addition to the wide range of document types and encodings we can add new documents in a matter of hours.

How do I use Validex?

To use Validex you can either drag and drop a file onto this webpage (this works best using a newer browser) or use the "Browse" button. The "Browse" button opens a window through which you can navigate your filesystem to find the files you want to validate. You can even submit multiple files at once!

When you're done submitting the file(s) you'll see each file appear as an item in the main interface along with a spinning circle, indicating that Validex is analyzing and validating your input. As soon the process is done a simple indication of how well the validation went is displayed. A green checkmark means all applied validations were successful and a yellow exclamation point indicates Validex found something that doesn't look right. Then simply click the result to see the report.

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Welcome to Validex

Validex is the premier solution for validating business documents quickly and easily. It supports a number of different electronic document specifications (see the full list at soon.

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